Renewable Energy System From CommunitySun

How to buy

Hassle Free

A SolarCondo is the practical business solution for your utility bill, whether you own a building or lease. Even if you have no legal access to your roof, or you can't install solar panels because the rooftop is unsuitable due to shade or poor orientation to the sun. There is no rooftop installation of any kind. A SolarCondo is maintained by the SolarOwnersAssociation™ governance group, making it completely hassle free.

No adverse roof impact

No roof top needed

A SolarCondo is located offsite, so there is no impact on your rooftop. You don’t have to worry about increased weight loads, accelerated aging, roof penetrations, ballast systems, or increased costs to repair or replace your roofing.

Moving or changing circumstances?

SolarCondos are transferrable

As long as you move within the service area of your utility provider, the power from your SolarCondo follows you where you go. You will not leave your solar panels behind on the roof you just sold. A SolarCondo is transferrable, so if your energy needs change you can sell it to someone who can use the energy.