Solar power is the energy resource
that is harmonious with the environment

How to buy

Solar energy is a renewable resource

With unlimited reserves

Solar energy requires no drilling and no potential for spilling. Solar farming does not destroy of our natural environment or put sensitive ecosystems at risk. Federal tax credits and local rebates are designed to encourage the rapid adoption of solar.

Cut fossil fuel use

Reduce carbon footprint

A CommunitySun SolarCondo gives you the power to reduce your carbon footprint and dependence on imported fuels and domestic coal – affordably. This is a first in the green energy industry.

It's green and keeps you in the black

Buy just what you need

It simply costs less to build many SolarCondo systems, each containing a number of solar panels, than it does to build a series of custom-designed, custom-built rooftop systems. Buy just what you need, no more and no less, and live comfortably in the green.